JP REID – vocals/guitar
FERGUS MUNRO – drums/vocals
STEWART CHOWN – bass/vocals


GORDON LOVE – bass/vocals
HOOLIGAN SADIKSON – percussion/vocals

Scottish trio Sucioperro snapped into existence in 2002, and proceeded to tour with any and everyone including Biffy Clyro, Oceansize, Reuben, Hell Is For Heroes, and many more. Since then, the blistering, dynamic rock trio have put most UK bands to shame, with three albums and a string of singles and EPs to their name, balancing their three roles perfectly within their diverse output.

In 2011 they released their 3rd album ‘The Heart String & How to Pull it’ through Xtra Mile. Critical acclaim followed with the likes of Kerrang featuring the record in their top 100 albums of the year list.

This year, however, sees a new Suciperro step forward. Gone have the ties to their former label and instead a DIY approach is the weapon of choice for their new album ‘Fused’ .

Originally written and demoed in just 10 days, off the back of their last album tour, the band set to work refining the songs before self-producing most of the album in their own studio, known as ‘The Lair’. Their DIY approach continued as they became heavily involved in the mixing of the record as well as the artwork being done in house.

Finally ‘Fused’ will be released on 3rd September through new label ‘Medals for Everyone’ which (as you guessed) is run by the band themselves. It’s a much more dark and abrasive record than their previous efforts, taking cues from the likes of Jesus Lizard and Helmet. Though there are still those trade mark glorious hooks in there. Lots of them.

As well asĀ  the new record, 2012 marks the tenth anniversary of Sucioperro as a band, which sees them evolve from a 3-piece live band to an even deadlier 5-piece show, with Hooligan Sadikson and Gordon Love joining JP Reid, Fergus Munro, and Stewart Chown.