Capable Of More
Why Bliss Destroy EP

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I swear to God I lay awake last night
Six straight hours thinking of you
Turning, tumbling, spirallin’ up, spirallin’ up
I’ll mend what was broken then break just the same
Bliss can be fleeting but timeless is pain
Hope just to see you, hope just to see you…again
I’m in love with the thought, (I’m ready to fall)
I’m not here for you, I’m not sure I’m even here at all
Every word you breathe sends me skyward and sore
Every time you fall I end up between the ground and you
Bruised but sometimes I end up with
Something worth regretting, something worth regretting
I’ll never sleep again for you so I’ll ask you to leave
Can’t sleep, too many thoughts, you’re right, I’m wrong
Too exhausted to fight you on this
Do what you feel is right, I hate it
Getting’ close and burned is what I do best
Anyway, one more is ok
I’ve nothing to do but cope with the loss
(In love again)