The Altruist
Dialog On The 2

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16 days have passed for the altruist, set back, held back by the killer inside
He lives in his mind, the deviant side, she switches channels, we never sleep
Impatience consumes the voices, we are hungry and we are sore, we are sore
I’m still so fuckin’ angry with what was said and I hurt so bad inside
Eternally troubled by insignificant fears, I want my life back, I want my hope back
Those vacant promises and idiotic gestures, so why are we all so mistrusted, I’m on your side
You fire only on viciousness, my devious little devil, sweetheart of a friend
She let me rest my head, we held hands like innocents as we recalled all our wasted time
Our twisted existence bitchin’ about you, bitchin’
So now someone new comes into your waiting arms
One more in a line of desperate and confused
Without protection and looking for a place to call home, I’m on your side