Conception Territory
Pain Agency

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When I find that I am here again
The conversation turns to home
Some still familiar arguments, a fight for time alone

Why don’t we talk about hurt we never show?
I am listening to you
Did you realise it’s all we have to exist?

I don’t forget you called me self centred and
Lost in the importance of self advancement
It’s your conscience, it’s your conscience

A repeat of missing, always on my back
It’s a slow reaction, I am listening to you
I am listening

Repeat your cowardly behaviour
Running over your anger constant so inequal

Careful it’s your last chance
Protected, unconditional

(Don’t leave me here, say that you love me)
We were born at the wrong time
We didn’t choose to be victims
All those risks were adventures
We were forced to make decisions
Where we are, where we end up
With the odds stacked against us
We believe in the future all our faith will be rewarded
All our faith will be rewarded
We believe in the future

I won’t leave you here, you know that I love you