Heart For Diamonds

You never listen like you used to
Now you don’t spare a thought
You turn your back on everyone that loves you
You’ll fall down on your own terms
And that may be best
We can’t cradle you forever it’s not worth it
Good times and bad, it’s always celebration
But it feels as though we never leave the station
It’s a sick affair, we need your support
We just looking to the light cos it’s dark in here
We just looking to the light
Don’t need to hear your coded advice
Give up the dream keep working on your other vices
I’m seeking clarity everywhere that I turn
I don’t feel safe but I don’t want to run
I would bleed, but when have you bled enough
I’m tired of going over all the times that we hurt
Is it too much to ask for everything to be right
Take me out of this black and into the light
Look at them everything in it’s place
God they seem so contented I assume it’s a charade
Or is it me that’s a clown with my tears run dry
Ask me how I feel and I’ll tell you a lie
I can’t sleep I don’t wanna get up
I can’t keep pouring blame onto bad luck
I wanna be awake it’s as clear as that
And I would trade my heart for diamonds as a matter of fact
It’s not envy it’s the simple truth
Nothing ever turns out the way you want it to