Is That Why You Pull Me In?
The Heart String & How To Pull It

Est cela pour quoi vous m’apprehendez

There you are opposite me
I try to keep my mind off of it
I try to keep my eyes on your eyes
It only draws me closer in

I act cold and reticent
Remember that we’re just good friends
That’s why I feel this connection
Is that why you pull me in?

And just then I start to retreat
I can’t make decisions
You know I don’t want to repeat
You know I don’t give in
It’s over I’m out of this scene
Above and below my feelings

We edge towards the danger
I try to keep myself calm and together
But the more we talk, the more I want it
The more I realise I can’t control it

It turns me out how you listen
You’re not all about yourself
All of my bad you’ve forgiven
I want you like nothing else