Reflexes Of The Dead

Just suppose you want it like all the other million
Just suppose you taste it, it doesn’t mean you’re any closer
I don’t even own it, it’s just on temporary loan
I don’t mind you asking, I don’t like to see you on your own
You’ve waited half a lifetime for somewhere you can call your home
I’ll put my arms around you, you hurt so bad when you’re alone
But I don’t even feel it, you get so used to your own face
I’ll put my arms around you, you don’t need me to take his place
I’ll put my arms around you, I’m just a puppet pull my…
Just suppose the dagger that you left stuck into my chest
Was suddenly removed by a stronger hand than your’s no less
The loser that you once raised much much much higher than the sun
Has fallen back to earth now, but look the cat has got his tongue
Strike back, strike back, give me all you’ve got
Oh I can almost taste it