We Take Shelter From The Trouble We’re In
Reflexes Of The Dead

“It makes no sense” we sighed
“It’s not like them to hesitate”
We helped them to decide
Before it became too late
They knew we couldn’t swim
But they just couldn’t wait to push us in

We don’t fit in, we are apart from the scene
We are not afraid
We place our love in the shadows between
We are not ashamed
They knew we couldn’t hide
But they just couldn’t wait to leave us outside
They just couldn’t wait

What makes us burn makes us return

In a world of our own precious time
With all that we won’t leave behind
With trials to lead us off track
We run in circles and they never come back
They said we couldn’t win
But we take shelter from the trouble we’re in

We know there’s no escape but we promise to stay