Rabbits In Boxes Video

Hi all

those of you who follow us on Twitter and Facebook will know that over the past week we have released two brand new videos – ‘Rabbits…’ and ‘…Boxes’. What some of you may not know is that the videos are two parts of a whole – as well as finishing the ‘Fused’ video trilogy (what them in order on our YouTube channel), the videos are to be played in sync, side-by-side, to form one video. You can view both videos below, as well as the split screen – to view both side by side, why not find a friend and give it a try on your mobiles, laptops, or try YouTubeDoubler.com.

We are incredibly proud of the videos and the rest of the trilogy, and would like to thank Stuart at Shootback Productions for taking such a big gamble on making the videos possible. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without him.





We are also nearing the end of the Fused tour and would like to thank every single person that has come out to see our band. We really appreciate you coming out and supporting independent music – without you guys, we couldn’t do it. We still have another four shows left with some amazing supports, so make sure you come down!

23 OCT NOTTINGHAM The Maze w/ Hawkeyes
24 OCT LONDON Borderline w/ Freeze The Atlantic & Make Sparks
25 OCT HULL Adelphi w/ Hawkeyes
26 OCT YORK Stereo w/ Hawkeyes